Where it all began

This trip began years ago.

It has been thwarted in the most dramatic (and expensive) of ways (as those of you who lived through Lemonade Summer of 2012 well know).

I venture into the way beyond, to visit my daughter, Sandy, and her beloved family of approximately 90 children, a monk, some teachers, and a few other volunteers from ambiguous western nations.

I lug (as in luggage, a good choice of noun) 80 pounds of gifts, letters to the children from their sponsoring families, hot chocolate, peanut butter, advil, benadryl, socks, solar lanterns, books, and numerous knit and crocheted rectangles to be sewn together to create a world of warmth and love. (Thank you everybody for all of this bounty of blessings.)

Apparently, I will take a change of clothing as well. But that isn’t packed.

Plus my camera. and malaria pills.

And passport.

Add a few rupees, and “VOILA”, you’re in India, where the children are very grateful (or greatful)…


Here is a link to the school (Jhamtse Gatsal) blog, with some pictures.

And, because you are wondering, here is a map!

Adios. and Namaste!


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